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Tampa Pool Construction

If you've always envisioned having your very own in-ground pool, the dream can become a reality with SiteWorx Pools in Tampa . Creating your custom swimming pool has never been simpler. All you have to do is decide on the features and style you want for your pool.


SiteWorx Pools excels at crafting in-ground pools into any shape you desire. Our skilled pool builders in Tampa can bring your vision to life, whether you prefer an extravagant design or a more straightforward approach. Whatever your dream in-ground pool looks like, SiteWorx Pools is here to assist you in designing and constructing it, ensuring it perfectly suits your needs.

The Pool Construction Process

Layout & Excavation

At SiteWorx Pools in Tampa our skilled team ensures a seamless and safe pool construction process. We meticulously excavate the pool area, prioritize safety by calling 811 to locate utility lines, and offer machinery options tailored to your needs. Completion time varies but is typically a few days, setting the stage for your dream pool.

pool excavation_edited.jpg
rough pool plumbing.png

Rough Plumbing

Before the steel framework is put in place, the initial plumbing phase is carried out. This encompasses essential drainage systems, skimming mechanisms, circulation lines, elevated spa plumbing, aquatic enhancements, and maintenance systems. Additionally, plumbing networks for key drainage, skimming, circulation, spa, water feature, and maintenance functions are established during this phase.

Structural Steel

To ensure the pool's long-lasting strength and stability, the installation of steel reinforcement (rebar) is essential. If required, a qualified city inspector in our designated area can perform a comprehensive assessment upon project completion.



Sprayed concrete, known as shotcrete, is a robust mixture of cement, sand, and water expertly applied using high-pressure hoses. This creates a resilient concrete layer on the steel framework, shaping the pool's structure. To facilitate the curing process, thorough rinsing of the shell is necessary.

Tile, Coping & Stone

In this stage, our expert team carefully crafts waterline tiles, pool coping, spa spillways, raised walls, graceful water features, and exquisite stonework. The timeline for completion depends on the project's size and complexity, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

pool equip set.jpeg

Pool Equipment Setup 

Our team of skilled professionals handles the precise installation of your pool equipment. Licensed electricians will expertly wire appliances, lighting, heaters, and remote control systems. Additionally, if a gas line for the spa heater is required, a licensed utility plumber can efficiently run it from your meter, ensuring a seamless setup process.

Pool Decking

The pool deck can be crafted using different materials like shaped boards, steel, and sand, which are all used to form concrete decks. If you choose a textured cool deck or a patterned/stamped overlay, this additional step will be integrated roughly two weeks later, ensuring a beautifully finished result.


Job Site Cleanup

As your project nears its conclusion, our dedicated cleanup team will ensure a pristine finish. All debris will be meticulously gathered and removed, and the yard will be skillfully graded back to its original elevation.

Interior Finish

You have the freedom to choose the texture, color, and design of your pool's interior finish. Whether it's plaster, pebble, or tile, our experts will install it to perfection. The day before the interior finish installation, we'll clear debris and pump any remaining water from the pool's bottom. The pool is then meticulously filled with water to complete the finishing process.


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