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We don't like the term "over-engineer", but we also don't agree when projects are built to minimum specifications.  No shortcuts, no cost cutting, no "we've done It this way forever" attitudes. Our building process Is structured In mechanical and hydraulic engineering best practices. We take great pride In knowing that our projects are going to last and stand the test of time. This process starts before we even touch the soil.  We feel that our pools have been engineered and built for longevity, efficiency and durability. Ask us about our best practices and how we build, our door Is open.




Making a list and checking it twice. (Literally) Critical to the success of your pool, the preconstruction phase consists of verifying the layout, design, permitting and all necessary prep/paperwork has been finalized approved and then checked again. This step also consist of verifying all preexisting road blocks, land prep and site access has been laid out and ready to begin construction. All of our projects are sent through engineering and built to their specifications.

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Layout. Excavate. Form

In phase 2 we will stake out your pool, create the layout and forms that are needed to begin. Once properly laid out and approved we will begin the excavation and removal of dirt. Then wood forms we will be set to create the elevation of the pool. Well points are typically added at this step to help keep the form dry and remove excess ground water from seeping in.

pool excavation.png


Steel Reinforcement

After the initial excavation we start to reinforce the pool with a steel rebar grid and get it prepped for gunite. During this time we'll cover the entire pool form and begin the preplumb and layout of lights, suction lines, return lines and water features. We will also create the electrical bond and grounding for the shell and pool equipment.


Gunite Shell

This is the loudest and most exciting part of the process. The gunite is shot out of a high speed hose and nozzle at a minimum of 3200 PSI onto the pool structure. Crews follow behind the nozzle and shape the wet gunite into the appropriate forms and shapes for your custom design. This "shell" of gunite and rebar create the structure for the rest your pool to be built.



rough pool plumbing.png


Running the plumbing from the shell to the equipment pad requires lots of digging and lots of pipe. Our pools are engineered to give you maximum efficiency and the cleanest water possible. Using larger diameter pipes and sweep 90's allows less friction and wear while also increasing the flow and filtration in your pool. Once all pipes have been trenched and sealed we will pressure test to verify there are no leaks or issues. This step can look messy as the removed dirt has to stay on site to backfill the plumbing once it's completed.


Tile and Coping

Once the shell is cured and ready for the next step you'll start to see your design choices and material selections come to life. Our team will start leveling and preparing the tile line and coping for installation. Hand laying the coping on the perimeter of the pool while also installing the waterline tile and feature tile throughout your project. 

pool tile install.png


Equipment Installation

Many times this step requires an electrician to run a dedicated subpanel from you main electrical box to the pool equipment. Once the electrical is installed we build an elevated concrete pad that allows for easy access and maintenance on your pool equipment. Our team then wires, plumbs and installs all of the components and controls needed to operate your pool at maximum efficiency.


Deck Installation

Installation of the deck typically begins with compacting, leveling and preparing the area. Then we'll install steel reinforced concrete footers along the perimeter of the deck to create a foundation for the deck to be installed. While materials and designs will differ for this stage, once complete you'll have a good idea of what the end results will look like.

New Pool Deck.png
Plaster Install.png


Interior Finish

Now that you've looked at the concrete shell long enough you finally have a chance to see it with the interior color applied. This step requires the shell to be prepped and waterproofed. A bonding agent is then applied before the interior finish is hand troweled on to the shell. You'll also have any drain covers, wall fittings and accessories installed at this time.


Start Up

After painstakingly watching your pool fill up with water we begin the startup up procedures. While it may look ready to swim we're not there yet. It is vital that your pool is chemically balanced and has the proper water flow for the first 30 days to ensure that the finish, equipment and shell are all set up for success. Once all startup procedures are finalized we will hand you the keys and and provide a pool school to show you best practices for operation and maintenance.

Pool Startup.png
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